‘There is something so incredibly cosmically magical about curtains opening and revealing a new world. It resonates on a deep level with people.’
- David Lynch

WEN PAN SS21 finds delicacy and femininity in fragility and roughness. This collection is inspired by the flowing curtains and flower shadows behind it. During the special time in the early 2020, we were thinking of our surroundings and how the surrounding indicated our own personalities. We were fascinated by the interior that we are living with in daily lives, such as soft but raw materials, washed clothes with faded colours, plants shadows show up on the lace curtain in dusk. We want to capture these traces of solitude and dissociation. By blending flowing shapes and asymmetric cracked constructions with faded tones including taupe, beige and light black, WEN PAN SS21 celebrates imperfection, and strength in softness.

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