Mountain forest is but a temporal retreat. Madding crowd is the real place to sequester.
WEN PAN AW20 brings an image of quietness in chaos, and celebrates the romance found in traces of human activities. What we found most beautiful in a crowded flower market was the road when the market finished. When stalls and people left, there were always petals, cut stems smashed on the road, into the water, which formed a raw romance in a random way. Smashed flowers are shown as our own prints on cotton sheer, contrasting with textured and coated cotton, which refers to wet rough roads. Everything was constructed as cracked trenches and fluid dresses, along with washed raw finishings. WEN PAN AW20 presentation represents an abstractly surreal market atmosphere, where people would find isolated peace among a noisy surrounding. Like ancient Chinese poets thought ‘ The greatest hermit will retreat into the noisiest fair.’

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